Alese McDowell’s cat has struck up a friendship with the feathery house guests

By Amy Jamieson
Updated April 09, 2015 01:30 PM

It’s a berry interesting case of some birds gone bonkers.

Last week, Alese McDowell of Albany, Georgia, says she spotted about 50 cedar waxwing birds dead on the ground and a flock flying above them as if they were “drunk.”

According to local ABC News affiliate WALB, the birds, who tend to settle in woodland areas, were known to binge on local berries in the spring which can cause the odd behavior.

McDowell and her daughter Chanel took in the remaining birds – whom they named Miley, Mohawk and Mirico – and nursed them back to health with a special protein drink. Now it seems the birds have gone from drunk to daredevil: They’re flying around McDowell’s house and cuddling with her cat!

“They are really sweet,” she told WALB. “They are good with my animals, like my cat. They were like snuggling with my cat. It was really crazy, we got tons of pictures.”

Once the trio are strong enough, the mother and daughter plan to set the birds free.

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