Issues with ice powers are swapped for chicken nuggets problems in this precious Frozen parody by Doug the Pug

By Benjamin VanHoose
December 02, 2019 04:43 PM

Even the dogs of the world count themselves as a part of the Frozen fandom.

With the arrival of Frozen 2, Frozen fever is hotter than ever. Amid this renewed popularity in the Disney franchise, one hungry pug is getting into character by belting out a hilarious rendition of the original Frozen‘s hit song, “Let It Go.

In the parody, titled “Chubby Pug,” the Instagram-famous Doug the Pug takes on the once-inescapable Frozen tune, “Let It Go,” with lyrics that feature the dog searching for a satisfactory meal among so many choices.

Touted as the “anthem that u never knew u needed” in the description that accompanies the YouTube video, the song comes complete with visuals that maximize the cuteness — the four-legged star wears both an Elsa puppy princess costume and an Olaf snowman outfit during the video.

“Chubby pug, chubby pug / There’s so much more to love / There’s always room / For a little more food,” the parody chorus’ lyrics go, playing over footage of Doug heating a frozen pizza. “Turn the oven on.”

Originally performed by Idina Menzel, the updated version of the song trades lyrics like “The cold never bothered me anyway” with “The rolls never bothered me anyway,” and “The snow glows white on the mountain tonight / Not a footprint to be seen” with “The pug snuck food again last night / Not a single crumb to be seen.”

“A kingdom of refrigeration / There’s so much food to eat,” the parody croons instead of “A kingdom of isolation / And it looks like I’m the queen.”

Doug the Pug is no stranger to cosplay, as evidenced by his previous equally adorable turns as The Mandalorian‘s über-cute Baby Yoda, and a less-terrifying interpretation of Pennywise the clown from It — playfully named “Puggywise,” of course.

Speaking with PeopleTV at the Los Angeles premiere of Frozen 2 last month, Menzel, 48, said she will never stop singing “Let It Go,” which went on to win both an Oscar and a Grammy.

“People always ask me if I’m tired of singing ‘Let It Go.’ I don’t,” she said at the time. “I go to concerts all over the world and I love singing the songs; it’s a reminder of this incredible experience in my life, it’s an opportunity to connect with young people in this really special way and to sing about really important themes about self-empowerment.”

Surely pet lovers around the globe will feel just as strongly about belting “Chubby Pug” for years to come.