February 29, 2012 09:00 PM

It’s the picture of polar bear bliss!

Twin cubs born Dec. 1 at Holland’s Ouwehand Zoo went on a stroll with their mother, Huggies, during their first public appearance on Wednesday. With a crowd of photographers watching their every move, the trio ate fish and explored their enclosure, which was damp from hovering rain clouds.

Life hasn’t always been this carefree for Huggies, who is named for the diaper manufacturer that sponsors her. A third cub also born Dec. 1 died shortly after its birth. In 2010, one newborn cub, Swimmer, died just three months after appearing with his mother on the nature show Frozen Planet.

The public viewing is a good sign that the adorable new cubs have made it through the critical infancy period. Here’s hoping this outing is the start of a happy batch of memories for the endangered bears.

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