And they probably will be for a long, long time

November 17, 2015 07:58 PM

It’s one of those weird clips that pops up semi-regularly across Facebook feeds: A capuchin monkey, dressed as a cowboy, impassively astride a border collie as the animals race around a stadium field herding sheep.

This week, the dog-and-monkey show popped up at a Cincinnati, Ohio, game between the Bengals and the Houston Texans, which is why you’re probably seeing it get passed around on this fine Tuesday.

The provenance of Monday’s monkeys is unclear, but the last time videos of this happening popped up, in June, USA Today identified at least one individual responsible: Tim Lepard, who since 1981 has been in charge of what he calls “Team Ghost Riders,” which is a team of monkeys that herd sheep while dressed as cowboys, on dogs.

“This action packed and exciting performance brings the jungle and the rodeo arena together,” Lepard writes on his site, which additionally promises “three of the best sheep dog riding monkeys in the business.” (Is it a crowded field? Are their competing teams? Unclear.)

Either way, watch these monkeys ride these dogs around. They’re chasing sheep.

It’s cool.

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