A photo posted by a Texas national park shows a squirrel about to eat a snake

By Drew Mackie
Updated July 21, 2015 11:30 PM

People generally don’t like rats and mice, but squirrels tend to get a pass. Why shouldn’t they? They’re fluffy, and it’s fun to watch them scamper about.

A photo posted earlier this month by staff at Texas’s Guadalupe Mountains National Park may alter your opinion on squirrels, however; it shows a rock squirrel grasping a snake, about to chow down on it.

“Rock squirrels eat mostly plant material, fruits, and nuts, but don t let their humble appearance fool you. They will also eat bird eggs, lizards, and snakes,” the Facebook post read. “The squirrel devoured most of the snake, bones and all, down to the last two inches.”

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So squirrels have carnivorous tendencies too, and they’re ferocious enough to take down a snake and swallow most of it. Lesson learned!

The Facebook text ended by encouraging people to visit the Guadalupe Mountains website to “to see what other surprises await you,” which in context of the photo may send a mixed message.