PUP’sters disposable diapers are an easy option for dogs that frequently have accidents.

By Diane Huntley
Updated January 22, 2009 12:45 PM

PUP’sters disposable diapers may be the best product ever invented. My husband and I were devastated to learn that Lucy, our sweet 16-year-old toy poodle, had a brain tumor and troubled by the incontinence that accompanies it given our collection of nice carpets and beautiful hardwood floors. For whatever reason, pee pads just weren’t working (she’d pee six inches away from one) and even walking her every two hours wasn’t enough (and wasn’t an overnight option anyway). Then we tried PUP’sters. Also great for puppies that are being housetrained, they’re very easy to put on; the tabs really don’t stick to her fur, but they do re-stick to the diaper if repositioning is needed. Next, she has no problem with them whatsoever. In fact, you’d think she’s been wearing diapers all her life based on how well she’s taken to them. There have been no leaks after about a month using them. Added bonus: pink is Lucy’s signature color so we love the pink gingham and polka dots. We are committed to making sure Lucy’s remaining time is as happy and comfortable as possible – for all of us. PUP’sters go a long way toward making that goal a reality. I can’t recommend them highly enough.