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March 24, 2017 03:28 PM

Information can change your life — and in some cases, make you feel hopelessly uninformed.

That’s what happened to many people on Twitter this week after spotting a photo of a duck-adorned sign that says:

Thank you for not feeding us bread.
Bread makes us ill, as it does not contain the right nutrition or calories that we need to keep us warm in winter.
Rotting bread pollutes our water and causes nasty surface algae, which kills our fish and gives us disease. It also makes our water smell.

We do like:
Half cut seedless grapes, Cooked Rice, Birdseed (any type of mix), Peas, Corn, Oats, Chopped lettuce

The photo traveled wide through the Twitter-sphere — “I am a duck murderer,” said one user — and we’re assuming people across the world promptly kicked themselves for tossing ducks bread as a snack (we’ve all done it).

Listen, what’s done is done, and now you know.

We scoured Instagram for ducks who are pumped that someone put the word out to do the right thing. Put that unwanted crust in the trash, and next time, try tossing some of the tasty treats mentioned above.

Just don’t do it.

This is a bread-free zone.

FREEZE! Is that bread?

Nonchalantly walking away from your evil baked goods.

Take your bread elsewhere, buddy.

You and your bread are so basic.

Back off, bread.

To read more about why you shouldn’t feed waterfowl bread, visit the Audubon Society’s website.

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