The latest Internet sensation encourages pet owners to vent about their worst (and weirdest) habits

August 27, 2012 01:00 PM

Pascale Lemire was sitting in bed with her fiancé Mike LeBlanc last week when she heard what sounded like chewing. Her dachshund Beau was under the bed, apparently snacking.

His chow of choice: LeBlanc’s grey Hanes boxers.

This was all rather funny (and rather worrisome, too, although the pup didn’t get sick). So they snapped a shot of their dog with a piece of paper that read, all-caps, “I am an underwear eating jerk!” Lemire posted it to her personal Tumblr, and what began as a joke spun into an online sensation comically calling out canines around the world for their most indecent (and repeated) indiscretions.

Since its inception a week ago by Tumblr editorial director Chris Mohney – who has since passed the blog over to original poster Lemire – Dogshaming has gone viral as a platform for dog owners to spill their canine companions’ dirtiest little secrets. When Rover wakes you up in the middle of the night, for instance, you write down the deed and take a photo (erm, mug shot) of the offender with the confession.

“I think it’s [the pets’] faces when you actually catch them in the act,” Lemire tells PEOPLE. “People can’t get enough of that.”

From dogs tearing through (literally) Shakespeare sonnets to mailman-canine drama, Dogshaming airs out all of the dirty laundry, which includes Fido’s habit of eating all that laundry.

Cats are not immune to the public shaming either, and the blog features several feline offenders.

Lemire, 28, an administrative assistant based in Vancouver, Canada, says she has about 3,600 submissions to look through with her fiancé. There are already 150 posts – and counting – for fans to rifle through, and another 275 are in the queue waiting to go live in the upcoming days.

Want to show the world just how bad – and, of course, adorable – your pet is? Lemire, who also owns another wiener dog named Dasha, says she judges submissions by the “cuteness factor and comedic aspect.”

Maybe hold off on the bodily functions. “There’s only so much cat poop or dogs vomiting [we can post],” she says. “I think people know that dogs eat poop.”

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