February 15, 2011 01:00 PM

Ice cream for dogs: too indulgent, or a pet owner’s saving grace? Perhaps a bit of both, but when you meet Schwan’s Doggie Sundaes, you’ll be glad that someone thought up this treat.

Schwan’s Home Service delivers all manner of frozen foods to its customers, and its menu now includes something for the canine in the house. The Doggie Sundae ($4.97 for a pack of four cups) is a frozen treat that looks just like a human ice cream cup, but is actually a beef-flavored protein treat that’s filled with vitamins and minerals.

PEOPLEPets.com’s official canine testers, a Maltese with an undiscriminating palate and a pug with a only a taste for prosciutto, both lapped up the Doggie Sundae with abandon. The Maltese, having a decidedly hairier face, was left with a beard drenched in the creamy substance, but a little face washing was worth it for having her be distracted for a full half hour. Judging by customer reviews on the Schwan’s website, the appeal for dogs seems pretty universal.

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