Man Spots Dog Friends Sitting Side-by-Side on Chairs in a Field, Posts Odd Encounter on TikTok

"That scared the f--- out of me!" said the man, catching the dogs on video after driving by them

Dogs sitting on chairs freaks bloke out
Photo: News.Com.Au/Facebook

That's something you don't see every day!

Earlier this week, TikTok user Saxby2.0 uploaded a bizarre clip to the social media platform in which he spotted a strange occurrence: two dogs seated on chairs just off the side of a random road. The man documented the strangely adorable sight on video after he drove past the seated puppy pair initially.

"Coming home from f------ work, and I'm looking out me window," the man begins in the clip, appearing as if he's in shock while recounting the situation with several expletives, "and I'm thinking what the f--- is that? What the f--- is in this yard? Anyway, I had a quick look ... Check this f------ s--- out!"

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The man then flips the camera to reveal the two pets, a yellow Labrador and a pit bull, both seated like humans on their own individual chairs next to each other among tall grass behind a fence. Both pups looked at the man filming them as they tried to mind their own business.

"That scared the f--- out of me!" said the man, before speaking directly to the animals. "What are you two doing?! I don't know who you are or who you belong to, but why are you sitting on chairs like that?"

On TikTok, the post has received more than 84,000 likes. The uploader captioned the post, "Wait till the end😂#fyp."

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