Bodi the Dalmatian accidentally hit the vehicle's gear shift, sending the RV into the lake in reverse

By Kelli Bender
January 10, 2019 02:26 PM

They may seem like perfect, four-pawed angels, but even dogs make mistakes.

Eric Jackson of Rock Island, Tennessee, found himself in the middle of one of these rare accidents over the weekend. According to KBMT, Jackson, a professional fisherman, was at Texas’ Lake Sam Rayburn to practice for an upcoming tournament and brought his dogs, including Dalmatian Bodi, along with him.

Jackson was trying to carefully unload the boat attached to his RV into the water, when Bodi decided to speed things up a bit. The 2-year-old dog accidentally stepped on the RV’s gear shift, putting the large vehicle into reverse and sending both the boat and the 38-ft. RV into the lake water.

The dog dad was on the boat when the slip of the paw occurred. You can see him in the orange shirt in the video above trying to get inside the RV and stop the vehicle’s backward slide. Unfortunately, Jackson wasn’t fast enough.

Jackson posted footage of his scramble to the front seat on his Facebook page with the commentary, “RVs float, until they sink.”

No dogs or people were injured during the incident, reports KLTV, and the RV was eventually pulled from the lake.