After St. Augustine local Maureen Hatcher suffered a severe stroke, her four-legged friends saved the day — and her life
Credit: First Coast News

A Florida woman has her two Labrador retrievers to thank for saving her life after suffering a stroke ahead of the holidays.

After collapsing in her home, Maureen Hatcher’s two dogs, Bella and Sadie, heroically ran across the street and grabbed the attention of her neighbor, who called 911 for Hatcher — all of which was captured on the woman’s Ring video doorbell.

On Dec. 3, Hatcher was alone in her St. Augustine home with Bella and Sadie, when she suffered the severe stroke, First Coast News reported.

With no other people around to assist Hatcher in her desperate time of need, she turned to her beloved pets for help.

“I remember Sadie coming in,” Hatcher recalled to the news outlet. “I said, ‘Mommy needs help’ and then they were gone.”

Almost immediately, the dogs were out the door and raced across the street together to find someone that would save their owner. Within minutes, they had returned with a neighbor, who discovered Hatcher on the floor and called for emergency personnel.

Hatcher was eventually rushed to a comprehensive stroke center at Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville and underwent a new, innovative procedure by specialists to remove a blood clot in her neck, the outlet said.

The scary incident was all caught on Hatcher’s Ring video doorbell, which was obtained by First Coast News.

The surveillance camera clip featured every moment of the ordeal from when Sadie and Bella first ran out barking, to when the neighbor arrived, to when paramedics carried Hatcher out of her home on a stretcher.

Without the dogs’ instant action and alert, it’s possible Hatcher may have suffered permanent brain damage or died.

According to Medline Plus, an ischemic stroke — which is what Hatcher experienced — is caused by a blood clot that blocks the brain’s blood vessels. Medical professionals advise those with symptoms of a stroke to get to the hospital immediately.

In Hatcher’s case, a clot had cut off blood flow to the right side of her brain and the length of which she had gone untreated for had a low survival rate, First Coast News said.

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To make things even more miraculous, Hatcher explained that her front door always automatically locks. On that particular day, however, she told the news outlet that the door was likely ajar, which allowed her four-legged friends to get help.

“I had an angel across the street,” Hatcher told the outlet. “I had a great rescue in the neighborhood, and the hospital.”

“By rights, I shouldn’t be in the shape that I’m in,” Hatcher added. “I am blessed… very blessed.”