Dog's Peanut-Sniffing Skill Keeps Little Girl Alive

"Peanut-sniffing dog" keeps one Riley Mer from suffering allergic reactions.

As an 8-year-old, Riley Mers is thrilled to have a puppy as her constant companion. But her furry friend isn’t just a playmate – he works hard everyday to keep her from a sometimes hidden enemy: peanuts. Mers’ Portuguese water dog, Rock’O, is a specially-trained peanut-sniffing dog, who takes a whiff of Mers’ food before she eats in order to prevent her from ingesting peanut products, which can kill her. Rock’O can sense the nuts even before Mers can; a truly important skill considering Mers has been known to go into hives just from inhaling the scent of peanuts.

Rock’O was trained for six months at the Florida Canine Academy, where dogs have learned to detect bombs, narcotics, flammable materials and even bed bugs. Though his program cost nearly $10,000, it’s a small price to pay for saving a child’s life.

See this amazing dog in action in this video!

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