Having a Dog in Your Dating Profile Photos Increases Your Chances of Matching, Survey Shows

The survey also showed that respondents consider Tinder as the best dating app to meet other dog lovers

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Dogs may be the key to romantic success, a new survey shows.

Honest Paws recently surveyed 600 singles using dating apps in the U.S. and learned that dog ownership significantly increases an individual's chances of finding a potential match.

Per the survey's results, 70 percent of respondents believe that having a dog in their profile photos helps them get more matches. Meanwhile, 60 percent of respondents said they're more tempted to match with someone who has a dog in their profile picture.

"Men, in particular, can be seen as committed and trustworthy when they are seen with a pet," said Samantha Ross, the editor at Romantific. "In some case studies, men with dogs are more likely to be approached as they are found to be charming and appealing. Having a pet also assures a potential partner that you are capable of taking care of another creature."

The survey respondents also indicated that they use their pets as wingmen to attract others. 50 percent of singles said they're game for using their dog to meet someone they're attracted to while out and about.

Golden Retriever puppy

When asked which dating apps are best for meeting fellow dog lovers, Tinder was the front-runner, named by 29 percent of respondents, while Match and Bumble trailed behind at 17 percent and 13 percent, respectively.

When asked which dog breeds singles most enjoy seeing on dating app profiles, respondents named German shepherds, pit bulls, huskies, Labs, and golden retrievers as the top five. Chihuahuas, American bulldogs, Pomeranians, and poodles all followed closely behind, the survey's results showed.

The survey also showed that respondents would do what it takes to get a dog in their dating profile: 21 percent of Gen Z respondents and 24 percent of male respondents said they would borrow a friend's dog for their dating profiles.

But once the truth comes out, it won't be pretty because 64 percent of respondents said they would cut ties with someone who lied about owning a dog on their dating app profile.

Lastly, a dog's presence also intrigues singles looking for virtual dates: 52 percent of respondents say that if a dog is involved in a virtual date, they will participate.

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