New Survey Finds Nearly 40% of People Have Swiped Right on Dating App to Meet Someone's Dog

Having a dog in your online dating profile may help you find love!

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If you’re a dog owner looking for love, you might want to consider including a photo of your pooch on your online dating profile.

In a new survey of 2,000 Americans who have used a dating app in the past (1,000 of which were pet owners), over a third (39 percent) admitted to swiping right on a profile that featured someone’s dog because they wanted to meet the pup “more than they wanted to meet the person.”

The survey — conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by pet food brand “I and love and you”— examined the relationship between pets and modern-day dating in the world of apps, such as Hinge, Bumble and Tinder.

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, 63 percentsaid that they believed having a cute dog in their profile bettered their chances of success in online dating.

Additionally, 39 percent of participants revealed that they even borrowed a friend’s dog to use in their profile because they felt it would help them get more attention and likes.

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However, this could backfire because, of the 39 percent who specifically match with someone because of a pup in the profile, more than half (53 percent) were “very upset” when they found out that the dog didn’t belong to their match.

The survey also examined how relationships can be impacted if a pet is involved, with 31 percent of participants admitting that they stayed in the relationship longer than they should have because they didn’t want to leave a pet.

“We believe pets are people too, so not only can a breakup be heartbreaking with your human partner, it can sometimes be even harder knowing you won’t see your furry companion every day,” Lindsey Rabaut, VP of marketing at “I and love and you,” said in a statement. “We want the best for them, even more so after a breakup.”

When it comes to the most romantic holiday of the year, 60 percent said theywould prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with a pet instead of a significant other.

Who doesn’t love a good cuddle with their pooch!

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