October 04, 2016 10:58 AM

A pair of pooches injured in two different car accidents in Arizona are finding comfort in their newfound friendship.

The Animals Benefit Club of Arizona is caring for the two dogs, according to NBC 12 News, who first reported the story, after they were hit by different cars on the same day. Now, dogs Thor and Petunia are helping each other recover.

“They act like the other dog is their whole reason for being,” Andra Jeffress, the executive director of the Animals Benefit Club, tells PEOPLE of the pair. “When one sees the other, their little faces light up and their tails start wagging.”

News 12 reports that Thor, who was first brought into Phoenix Veterinary Referral for treatment, suffered two broken legs in his accident. Another pup named Petunia had been brought into the facility with less severe injuries that day also and authorities couldn’t find shelters to take either dog in. Thankfully, the Animals Benefit Club stepped up and is now raising money for Thor, whose recovery will be more expensive (to donate to their care, click here).

“Thor likes nothing better than to cuddle Petunia with his head and neck around her as if he is trying to let her know how much he loves her,”  Jeffress told PEOPLE in an email. “Petunia kisses Thor and licks his face to let him know she loves him too.”

Watch the pair comfort each other in the News 12 video above. “It really does bring tears to your eyes to watch them,” Jeffress said.

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