"They were both out here telling the bear, 'Get out, this is our home!' " Mei Mei and Squirt's owner, Deedee Mueller, told local station ABC7

Two brave little terriers are being celebrated after chasing a bear off of their family's property in the hills of Pasadena, California.

On April 9, Deedee Mueller, the dogs' owner, shared a video shared to her YouTube channel, which shows a brown bear taking a drink from a fountain on Mueller's property before ambling into the family's kitchen, seemingly in search of some food.

After several seconds, the terriers — Mei Mei and Squirt — bound into the kitchen, barking madly at the bear as they give chase.

In the shocking clip, the tiny dogs continue to pursue the bear outside onto the patio up a short flight of stairs, continually barking at the large animal until it runs off.

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Mueller spoke with local station ABC7 about the encounter, praising her pups for their quick, heroic reactions to the bear.

dogs chase bear

"As the bear was turning back, these two noticed him and chased him out," she said of Squirt and Mei Mei. "And he ran up the stairs, ran outside."

"And we saw, actually, a trail of urine, so clearly the bear was very nervous," Mueller added.

She also said of her dogs' behavior with a laugh, "They were both out here telling the bear, 'Get out, this is our home!' "

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Mueller shared more details about the incident on Facebook, saying the bear "looked young and a little timid" and seemed to "be going from yard to yard," perhaps freshly out of hibernation from the winter.

"You could tell the bear looked nervous inside the house," she said in another comment. "Actually, he (went) into another pond on the other side of the yard but got chased away by the dogs again."

One of the two dogs mustered up energy that is clearly only reserved for times of serious crisis to handle the bear's break-in.

"These two don't know what fear is," Mueller wrote. "Squirt has a little trouble getting up those stairs these days but not today."