Superlative Pups! Check out the Cute Yearbook Photos of These School Service Dogs

These service dogs were honored by their schools with adorable yearbook portraits and the Internet can't get enough of their sweet doggo grins

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Miss Peanut dog yearbook photosCredit: Color Portraits, Inc
Color Portraits, Inc

A photo of Miss Peanut, a Canine Companion working as an assistance dog at school in Illinois, recently went viral when it was shared by a Twitter user. When PEOPLE looked to learn more about this special Labrador-golden retriever mix, three different humans in her life reached out to bark her praises.

Jeanine Konopelski, the National Director of Marketing at Canine Companions for Independence, wrote to tell us that the 9-year-old pup "teaches every kindergartner who goes through the school about dog safety." She gives students "a bit of extra love in their lives ... she has made crying children happy so they can go back to class and learn." Not only that, Miss Peanut has worked with English language learning special education children, following their commands so they can practice their English and their articulation. Plus, she even makes "teachers feel better and most are happier when Peanut is in the building."

Pamela Kramer, Miss Peanut's handler, says: "She's an amazing dog ... gentle as can be. has never barked in her life, not once! Everyone loves her. I'm glad she's getting her 15 minutes!" The sweet girl also loves tummy rubs and is protective of her wildlife neighbors.

Finally, Beth Jerner, Miss Peanut's original puppy raiser, told PEOPLE her name was Peony during her first two years of life. "She was a petite lil thing so her trainer nicknamed her Peanut and it stuck! She graduated from the Southwest campus in Oceanside."

Now Miss Peanut is part of a new class of good girl and good boy graduates! Meet the rest of her canine classmates around the country...

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Courtesy Kauai0604/Twitter

Once Miss Peanut's pic was shared, more human classmates and faculty reached out about the working dogs in their school systems, sharing even more adorable yearbook photos.

Nikki Johansen, an elementary school counselor, posted a handsome silver Labrador named Clark's yearbook photo to Twitter. She tells PEOPLE, "I'm so excited for Clark's recognition! He is an amazing, special pup." Clark, 1, is a recognized AKC Canine Good Citizen, and Johansen says he even has his very own Twitter page! Follow @CanineSuperman to learn more about this special pup's good deeds.

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Dean Stewart Photography

Linda, wearing a cute T-shirt and spirited smile, is another Canine Companions assistance dog. Konopelski tells PEOPLE that Linda, an almost 5-year-old Lab/golden retriever mix, was matched with a student named Rachel and her mother Heidi in August 2015. Heidi brings Linda, an honorary faculty member, to Rachel's elementary school a few times a week when she volunteers there.

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Katie the service dog in yearbook (Courtesy North Summit High School)
Courtesy North Summit High School

In 2017, PEOPLE reported on Katie, a service dog who attends school with her person, Hailee Blonquist, at North Summit High in Coalville, Utah.

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in December 2014, Hailee ended up in hospital emergency rooms several times following dangerous drops or spikes in her blood sugar levels. A friend told her parents about an organization in Salt Lake City — Tattletale Scent Dogs — that trained dogs to "alert" diabetic owners to high and low glucose levels. Though skeptical, they decided to get Hailee a puppy and see how it went.

"Incredibly, since we received Katie, Hailee hasn't had any more scary episodes," Destinie Blonquist told PEOPLE. "She lets Hailee know when she needs to check her blood sugar, and she's enabled her to maintain her numbers evenly. She's given us all peace of mind. She's part of the family."

Hailee is now a senior, so Katie will hopefully be graduating alongside her this year.

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Courtesy Brooke009/Twitter

Therapy dog "Chatson" also had a widely liked yearbook photo on Twitter. While PEOPLE hasn't learned much more about him — yet! — we have a hunch from his name and chatty expression that we'll be hearing more from this pup soon.

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