Dog with Brain Tumor and a Cancerous, Grapefruit-Sized Mass Is Just Looking for a Little Love

Pinto the 9-year-old pooch isn't letting his diagnoses slow him down

Photo: Courtesy Gremlin on Facebook

Pinto was dealt a rough hand in life, but you would never guess by his personality.

Not long ago, the sweet, lively pooch was stuck at a kill shelter in Orlando, Florida, where he was set to be euthanized. Because of his age, the unusual grapefruit-sized mound on his head and over crowding, Pinto wasn’t able to get adopted in the time the Florida shelter had given him.

Fans of the canine sent out of plea for help, which reached as far as upstate New York. In his final hours, Pinto was rescued by the The Mr Mo Project, a no-kill senior dog rescue group based Clifton Park, New York. The dog’s saviors had Pinto moved to a local veterinarian in Orlando. After taking a look at the dog, the vet recommend he see a specialist.

To kickstart the next chapter of Pinto’s life, Chris, one of the co-founders of The Mr Mo Project, flew to Orlando and drove Pinto 20 hours back to New York to see a specialist.

Courtesy Gremlin on Facebook

“Once at the vet, Dr. Bishop, a board-certified neurologist, put him through all the tests including an MRI, CT scan, whole-body ultrasound and all sorts of lab work. Two days later they receive a call starting like this: ‘I have done 5,000 to 6,000 MRIs, and I have never seen anything like this’,” a rep for the rescue tells PEOPLE. “The mass on his head is fluid filled but with a bunch of ‘masses’ floating around inside. If that wasn’t bad enough, they also had an accidental finding of a brain tumor located on the ocular nerve.”

Sadly, the bad news didn’t stop there. More testing revealed the mass on Pinto’s head was Spindle Cell Sarcoma, a connective tissue cancer.

Courtesy Gremlin on Facebook

“If you were looking at this dog, you would have no idea how sick he was. He is so full of life and zest that the project will do whatever they can to prolong his life. He will need CyberKnife Radiation treatment on the brain tumor and another operation and potentially another form of radiation treatment on the Spindle Cell Sarcoma,” the rescue adds.

Courtesy Gremlin on Facebook

As part of its commitment to Pinto, The Mr Mo Project plans to cover all of his medical expenses, which already total more than $8,000 and will like grow by another $15,000. The rescue is also looking to find a forever home for the happy canine to comfortably spend the rest of his life in.

To help support The Mr Mo Project and the care it provides to dogs like Pinto, visit its website. The rescue will keep Pinto’s growing number of fans updated on his progress on this Facebook page.

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