The border collie has been charged with keeping birds away from the wharf in Pyrmont

By Amy Jamieson
Updated August 30, 2016 05:33 PM

Beware birds, Bailey is on the clock!

The pooch was hired three months ago by the Australian National Maritime Museum in Pyrmont, a suburb of Sydney, to scare away seagulls. The birds had been causing an unsightly mess on the wharf and surrounding boats, according to ABC Sydney, who reported the story.

“Normally when there are seagulls down here, [Bailey] will spot them and I’ll let him off the lead and I’ll say, ‘Bailey go’,” said Adrian Snelling, the dog’s handler and head of security. “He just automatically chases the birds.”

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Before Bailey, who is a working dog that was living in foster care, the museum used fake birds and water sprays to keep the gulls at bay, but to no avail. When they learned dogs were used at airports, ABC reported, they figured they’d give it a try — and it’s working, for the most part.

There are less droppings on the dock with Bailey around, but these seagulls are smart: they’ve learned to relocate their roosting sites to the top decks of vessels where Bailey can’t go.

But there are other bonuses to having Bailey around. When he’s not working, the pup sleeps in the security control room and has been a “great morale booster” for the staff, Snelling told ABC.