Adorable Dog Goes Viral After Playing — and Winning — Game of Connect 4 Against His Owner

"Nice win!" owner Sarah Shapiro-Ward tells her dog, Percy, congratulating the cockapoo on his impressive Connect 4 triumph

This dog’s got talent!

Earlier this month an adorable cockapoo named Percy went viral after his owner shared a video showing the pooch beating her during a game of Connect 4.

“Go choose your piece,” Sarah Shapiro-Ward tells Percy at the start of the clip, as the canine proceeds to pick up a yellow piece with his mouth and drop it in the center-most part of the grid.

“Nice opening move, Perce!” she adds.

Although she had to keep reminding Percy when it was his turn — and covering up her own red-colored discs — the happy dog continued to be a formidable opponent throughout the game, alternating between blocking Shapiro-Ward’s moves and making his own offensive strikes.

Connect 4 Dog

However, dogs will be dogs, and at one point, Percy ended up taking off a bit more than he could chew.

With three yellow-colored discs in his mouth, Percy ran into a bit of trouble while attempting to drop them in, missing all except one.

“Oh! you picked up three,” Shapiro-Ward playfully scolds. “That is definitely cheating.”

Ultimately, Percy won the face-off, stacking four of his pieces in a vertical row.

“Oh, good job,” his proud owner said while congratulating the canine. “Nice win!”

However, while it may look like Percy is a Connect 4 pro, Shapiro-Ward has said that her dog doesn’t quite have the memory skills to be a strategy master.

“Once the token has gone in, he doesn’t know it’s there anymore,” Shapiro-Ward, an instructor at Toronto’s When Hounds Fly Positive Dog Training, told the New York Post. “But he likes to play, so I cheer him on.”

You can see more of Percy, and his Connect 4 skills, on Instagram @Prancing_Percy.

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