Sarge forced the intruders out of the house and chased them into their cars, the dog's GoFundMe page says

By Amy Jamieson
Updated April 08, 2016 07:26 PM

A Wichita, Kansas, family who says their heroic pooch saved their two small children from two intruders on Tuesday, needs helping paying for a surgery that would remove a bullet still lodged in the dog’s jaw.

“Leslie and Rene Zapata were at work when they got a terrible phone call from their nanny informing them that armed intruders had broke into their home,” reads a post on the Zapata family’s GoFundMe page. “Sarge is a pitbull, fun, loving, and full of energy. Sarge saved the 6 month old baby, the toddler, and the nanny’s life.”

The post says Sarge forced the intruders out of the house and chased them into their cars, where they believe the pup grabbed a hold of one of them and would not let go.

“The intruder then shot Sarge in the face, knocking out a tooth,” it reads, “Sarge then took off running and was found about 6 hours later. He wasn’t believed to make it, but he did.”

Sarge, who the Zapatas called “more than a just a dog to us” in an interview, was expected to have surgery on Friday morning to remove the bullet from his jaw.

“He was shot with a .40 caliber, I know that,” Rene Zapata told KWCH 12 News. “The bullet entered in his left, bottom jaw and fractured his whole bottom jaw.”

The GoFundMe page has raised over $6,000 of a $7,000 goal in nearly 24 hours thanks to many anonymous donors who were touched by the story.

“He is in a lot of pain right now, but he is obviously a fighter, and a true HERO!” the GoFundMe messages says. “The kids are happy to know he is going to be okay! Leslie and Rene are asking for our help, as they can not afford this on their own.”

KWCH 12 News reports that police are still searching for suspects and that the family said the bullet retrieved from Sarge’s mouth will be evidence.