Carrollton Texas Police Department/Facebook

The tough pup was discovered in a Home Depot parking lot in February

March 09, 2017 02:21 PM

In February, police in Carrollton, Texas, discovered and helped save a puppy who had eaten its then-owner’s heroin and overdosed inside a truck in a Home Depot parking lot. The former owner was arrested for possession and other charges.

At the time, authorities rushed the baby dog to the North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic, calling him “one tough pup,” and soon celebrated his survival and recovery in a Facebook post, naming him Lucky.

Once again, there is cause to celebrate: Lucky was adopted Wednesday morning! He now has a loving forever home and a little girl owner who calls him her “dream puppy.”

According to the City of Carrollton Animal Adoption Center’s post, another man who came to adopt Lucky gave up his chance so the young girl could have the opportunity to love a pet.

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According to CBS12, the center also thanked a number of people for supporting Lucky and donating to his care.

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