Teresa the dog was injured by a man trying to eat her

By Kelli Bender
March 20, 2017 03:09 PM

A dog with half a face now has a full heart.

It was a long journey starting in Thailand and ending in Sewell, New Jersey. According to WPVI, Teresa was rescued from Thailand after someone tried to butcher and eat the dog, but failed. The cruel abuse cost the 2-year-old pup part of her snout, but she didn’t lose her spirit.

Heartsick over Teresa’s story, rescuers Karen Quigley and Michelle Weirich raised over $11,000 to bring the poor pooch to the United States and treat her devastating injuries.

After having a few teeth removed and her tongue repaired, Teresa is now capable of doing just about anything a dog without her injuries can do.

“She can do everything and that’s what’s so remarkable about Teresa. She eats hard food, she eats wet food, really I haven’t found anything she can’t do. She’s so amazing because she’s really so happy. She wakes up happy, she loves to run in the yard,” Quigley told WPVI.

Teresa’s new start in New Jersey with Quigley is going well. Her days are filled with affection, activity and plenty of toys. Once the pup is fully adjusted, Quigley, a special education teacher at Rowan College at Gloucester County, hopes to get Teresa certified as a therapy dog, so she and Teresa can make hospital visits to children with physical disabilities.