Source: paetonmathes/Twitter
April 13, 2017 12:04 PM

Kenny is a very good boy. He wants for little. And when life gives him little things — for example, a super small dog bed — he is grateful.

Heather Stoddard, Kenny’s owner, wanted to treat her precious pet and recently decided to order him his very own dog bed. According to Buzzfeed, the dog was previously fighting for space on the pillow he shares with the family’s other pup, Tori.

Stoddard ordered the gift online with no issue, but made a shocking discovery when the bed was delivered. Instead of ordering a bed suitable to Kenny’s size, she ordered an XS dog bed. Kenny, who is very handsome, is not extra small.

Source: paetonmathes/Twitter

Not wanting to deprive Kenny of his present, Stoddard set the dog bed on the ground to gauge his reaction. Kenny responded in absolute gratitude. He didn’t scoff at the small pillow, instead he took turns placing each part of his body on the tiny bed, enjoying its comfort in phases.

Source: paetonmathes/Twitter

Luckily, Stoddard’s daughter caught this moment of appreciation on camera and shared the photos with the world through her Twitter @paetonmathes.

The image has accumulated over 62,000 retweets so far, with many animal lovers replying with their own shots of lounging pets. Some of the animals are more tolerant of sharing space than others.

Just a simple reminder from a grateful dog to appreciate all the little gifts life throws at you.

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