Dog Who Gobbled Up 10 Batteries Saved with Emergency Surgery

It was too dangerous to wait and let the batteries pass through Boogie the Yorkipoo

Boogie the 1-year-old Yorkipoo (a Yorkshire terrier and poodle mix) made a boo boo when he gobbled up ten of his owner’s hearing aid batteries.

The dog’s owner, Cathy Barnard, rushed to North Houston Veterinary Specialists in Willowbrook, Texas, for help, according to a press release from the vet group associated with the animal hospital.

Dr. Carissa Blair was tasked with helping the ailing “bundle of energy and love.” After she heard that Boogie ate through a package of hearing aid batteries, managing to swallow ten of them, Dr. Blair gave the 7-pound pup an X-ray, where the objects showed up clearly.

The vet then had to come up with a safe way to remove the foreign objects. Batteries are extra tricky to extract, because if the negative and positive poles of the batteries touch during removal, they can burn the inside of the animal. Because of this, the tactic of making the dog vomit up the batteries was out of the question. On the other hand, it would’ve also been dangerous to wait and see if the objects passed through the dog, since stomach fluids can break down batteries causing harmful acid leaks.


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As an alternative, Dr. Blair performed emergency surgery to remove the pesky batteries from Boogie. The curious pup is now back home happily resting and recovering.

This is not the first time Boogie’s adventurous appetite has landed him at the vet’s office. The dog previously made a trip to the same hospital for scarfing down too much candied popcorn.

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