WATCH: Very Good Dog Enters Virtual Reality World for a Drool-Worthy Good Time

Experience the immersive joy of Max the dog trying out a Samsung VR headset

In the video above, Max the dog boldly goes where no dog has gone before. Well, sort of.

The clip, which was originally posted to YouTube in July of 2016, is suddenly going viral. What, exactly, the tech-forward golden retriever sees through his headset is a mystery. However, his furry body language — and the small pool of drool that forms on the bed underneath his tongue — seems to indicate that Max is fascinated by these futuristic visions.

Some commenters noted that Max appeared to squirm at one point, worrying the content of the video is NSFD (not safe for dogs). But as another viewer points out, if Max didn’t like what he was seeing or disliked the headset itself, he could easily knock it off.

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To that point, most fans of the video (and of Max), praise the pup for his incredibly chill behavior during his first VR experience.

Are you watching this, Hollywood? Someone get Max an agent and a sci-fi movie script, pronto.

P.s. You can check out the sequel to the video here, which reveals many of the virtual realms the adventurous dog has visited.

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