July 15, 2015 07:30 PM

Murphy had a ball … and then another and another and another.

The 7-year-old rescue pooch swallowed six golf balls and underwent emergency surgery to have them removed.

According to The Guardian, the dog’s owner, David Larson, knew something was up when Murphy seemed ill after eating a bone.

Larson took the German shepherd to Westway Veterinary Group in Newcastle, England, where X-rays revealed a big bellyache.

“There were some foreign bodies inside his stomach but the vets couldn’t identify what they were,” he told The Guardian, “so Westway operated at its hospital and saved his life.”

When Larson learned that six golf balls were inside the dog’s stomach, he was stunned.

“I’ve only had him for 18 months and he has never come into contact with golf balls during that time, so they must have been lodged inside him for a long time,” he said.

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Post-op, there’s been a positive change in Murphy. “Having the golf balls inside him must have affected him because I’ve noticed since the operation he is much brighter and much more playful,” he added.

Playing ball will forever be a carefully monitored activity for Murphy, though. “I’m going to make sure he is never given bones or allowed anywhere near a golf course in future,” Larson said.

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