HoneyBun the Pomeranian mistook two jewelry store baubles for treats

By Helin Jung
Updated August 26, 2011 01:00 PM

Is HoneyBun secretly a magpie?

Instead of sneaking up on the table to steal some treats, the 20-month-old Pomeranian from Georgia stole a pair of 1-carat diamond earrings worth $10,000 – and swallowed them whole! HoneyBun’s owner, Chuck Roberts, runs John Ross Jewelers in Albany, Ga., and has brought his “little baby” to work ever since he rescued him from a local humane society.

“He jumped up on my chair and then on top of the desk to get them,” Roberts tells PEOPLE. “I’m sure he was going after a treat until he found that cute little pair of diamonds.” PHOTOS: Weird Things Dogs Swallow

When Roberts came back from helping a customer, he found an empty bag on the floor with a hole chewed through the middle and “knew immediately what happened.” The vet across the street told Roberts not to worry, that the earrings would pass through HoneyBun’s system the next day.

“Sure enough, they did,” Roberts says. “You’ve got to understand, he’s an inside baby. There was no problem finding them once they came out. And he has never known anything happened to him. He’s just kept loving us.”

The earrings, which Roberts called in for a different customer, have since been returned to the supplier (after a good cleaning, of course). The desk chair will no longer be left accessible for HoneyBun to jump on. And HoneyBun has not been reprimanded in any way.

“Never even said a word to him,” Roberts says. “He’s got good taste! Keep the treats – give me the diamonds!”

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