Jessica Hartman via AP
January 05, 2018 05:16 PM

It’s was a shocking face-off between America’s favorite bird and man’s best friend, when an eagle snatched an 8-lb. Bichon Frise out of a Bowmanstown, Pennsylvania, yard.

“It seemed like something from the Wizard of Oz,” Felipe Rodriguez, who saw his sister’s dog Zoey get grabbed by the massive bird, told The Associated Press. “I’m a city boy. This doesn’t happen in my world.”

On Tuesday, the bird of prey swooped into Monica Newhard’s fenced backyard and quickly picked up the small white dog in its talons and flew off over the trees.

Rodriguez, who was watching the dog during a visit from Chicago, tried to follow the pair in his car through the wooded neighborhood, but found nothing.

Certain that Zoey was dead, he broke the tragic news to his sister, who cried all day over the loss.

But the tears were premature. later that night, one of Newhard’s neighbors found Zoey, curled up and whimpering on a back road near her home.

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Not knowing the dog belonged to Newhard, Christina Hartman took the dog back to her home, wrapped her in a blanket and fed her two bowls of chicken soup. Hartman later saw a Facebook post about the missing dog and soon reunited Zoey with her stunned family.

The 7-year-old pup is missing some fur and has a limp, but didn’t suffer any permanent injuries from the terrifying encounter. Zoey’s family isn’t sure how the dog escaped the eagle’s grasp, but they are grateful she is alive.

Newhard told AP she has spotted eagles around her property before, but never thought to worry about the birds around her dog. Now she plans to keep a close eye on Zoey whenever she goes outside.

“She doesn’t want to go out … I really can’t blame her,” the owner said about the brave dog’s current state.

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