August 05, 2015 05:50 PM


Superdog might be a more appropriate name for this pointer mix.

The pup named Vedder – in honor of the Pearl Jam frontman – caused quite the stir in Medfield, Massachusetts, on Tuesday when he fell down a well at least 35 feet deep and suffered nothing but a few scratches.

Several area rescuers, including the Norfolk County Technical Rescue Team, responded to the call to help the male pooch, who fell into the well when he stepped on a rotted wooden cover, the Boston Globe reports.

A firefighter named Keith Darling was lowered by rope to get the dog out, while Vedder’s owner Kemper Dorsey, @kdorsal on Instagram, filmed the rescue (watch it above).

A dog was rescued from a 35-foot well in Medfield today. See photos

The Boston Globe (@BostonGlobe) August 5, 2015


“He’s in good shape just a couple scrapes but all is good! Very thankful!” Dorsey wrote on Instagram.

The Globe reports that Dawson later took the dog to Tufts Veterinary Emergency Treatment and Specialties in Walpole to be checked more thoroughly, but it appears he is doing just fine.

“I don’t know how the dog survived,” Avon Fire Chief Robert Spurr told the newspaper. “There was nothing in the bottom of the hole to cushion his fall.”

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