Valor was found wandering the streets of Texas with damaged vision, likely the result of a botched euthanasia
Credit: Courtesy Cuz i Matter Animal Rescue

Valor is living up to his name.

According to CBS Austin, the blue heeler mix was found staggering around a Texas road, mostly blind and in need of help. How he ended up alone and confused is even more heartbreaking.

Valor’s veterinarian and the animal control officer who picked up the confused 3-year-old dog believe the sweet canine was the victim of a botched euthanasia attempt. Valor was likely given the wrong dose of the lethal drug accidentally and then discarded with the other animals put down at the same time.

While he may have seemed dead, Valor’s will to live was thriving. The dog likely came to after the mishap, now with damaged vision, and started seeking out a second chance.

valor the dog
Credit: Courtesy Cuz i Matter Animal Rescue

After the pooch was picked up by animal control, he was taken to a rural shelter that reached out to Cuz i Matter Animal Rescue in Pflugerville, Texas, for help.

The non-profit immediately accepted, unable to deny the canine survivor the chance to find a happy home. Shortly after getting word about Valor, Cuz i Matter sent a volunteer to pick up the dog hundreds of miles away and bring him to foster parent Kathryn Lippert.

An experienced canine caretaker, Lippert has been able to get Valor to come out of his shell with a little help from a large supply of cold cuts. Seemingly unfamiliar with affection and safety, it took the shy dog a few days to feel comfortable with all the good things coming his way.

Credit: Courtesy Cuz i Matter Animal Rescue

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Now, he is mastering wearing a leash and collar, and learning how to get around with his diminished vision. Cuz i Matter staff is confident that Valor with continue to fight to survive, learn, thrive and grow. The rescue is currently working to socialize Valor and get him the medical help he desperately needs.

While the rescue helps Valor become the best version of himself, they are also accepting applications for his adoption.

Anyone interested in adopting Valor should visit and complete an adoption application.