November 18, 2015 08:32 PM

Bundy doesn’t know just how lucky he is.

The pooch survived a 100 foot fall from a freeway in Round Rock, Texas, on Friday night and is back home with his family, according to KXAN News.

Round Rock police tell the station that they received calls from eye witnesses around 8:30 p.m. on Friday, saying they spotted a pup stranded on top of a concrete slab on the 45 Toll flyover.

Firefighters and animal control officers came to the scene but couldn’t coax the dog down because he was aggressive toward anyone who approached him. KXAN reports that after numerous attempts to get the dog down, he jumped, falling 10 stories below onto Louis Henna Boulevard.

That was when animal control officer Lisa Stem was able to catch him. She then took him to Emergency Pet Care of Round Rock for evaluation. Miraculously, he suffered no broken bones or internal bleeding, just some bruises.

Bundy’s blunder helped get him back where he belongs, too. A microchip identified his owner, who had been missing him since Halloween, KXAN said.

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