Ruby the pit bull has been adopted by new owners who know they are getting a nice dog

By Kelli Bender
April 12, 2019 04:21 PM
Orange County Animal Services

Sometimes things aren’t a perfect fit, and that applies to pooches too.

According to WKMG, Ruby the rescue dog was recently surrendered to Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida, by her previous owners for being “too nice.” Ruby’s former caregivers thought they adopted a guard dog, but found that the canine “didn’t bark.”

The shelter told WKMG that along with being affectionate and quiet, the pit bull also knows obedience commands.

Ruby’s story caught the attention of a woman visiting the shelter, who posted about the pup’s predicament on Facebook.

Her post quickly got the attention of animal lovers and was shared thousands of times.

Not surprisingly, the surrendered pup quickly found a new home with a family that knows they are getting a nice dog.

For those who wanted to adopt Ruby themselves, there are still plenty of sweet pets available for adoption at the shelter. You can learn more about them at the Orange County Animal Services website.