Clyde was dropped off and left for dead, but now he's healing from surgery and looking forward to a second chance at life

By Saryn Chorney
October 12, 2017 02:10 PM
Credit: The Hart Adoption Team

His former owner may not have believed in Clyde, but the good folks at Gallatin County Animal Shelter and County Animal Hospital in Mason, Ohio, knew he deserved a chance to live.

The 1-year-old dog suffering from a 6-lb. tumor was dropped off at the shelter with instructions to euthanize him, reports WLWT5 News. Luckily, staff at Gallatin County did no such thing.

Doctors think the poor pup’s tumor may have been growing for at least six months — half the dog’s lifetime. On Tuesday, he was brought to the animal hospital for surgery to remove the tumor and is currently resting and recuperating.

Credit: The Hart Adoption Team

“He’s only a year … way too young for a death sentence,” Shari Wyenandt, of HART Animal Rescue, told WLWT5. “I mean he was in pain, dragging [the tumor]. It was already rupturing from being drug on the ground.”

Wyenandt said she can’t fathom leaving a pet in such bad condition for so long, but then again, this same neglectful owner wanted to have Clyde put down, and just walked away. Fortunately for Clyde, he now has a second chance at life with a new, loving forever family.

“The next step that we have for him is getting a biopsy done. Basically, the biopsy will tell us a little bit better about the mass, what we’re dealing with,” Dr. Fidan Kaptan, Clyde’s vet, said. Depending on whether or not the tumor is cancerous, the dog’s road to recovery may be long and might include chemotherapy.

Credit: The Hart Adoption Team

Still, the vet said he stands a chance, something this furry survivor wasn’t certain of just a few days prior. And considering his sweet disposition, staff think he’ll have no trouble finding a home and will eventually be up for adoption.

In the meantime, the rescue is looking for donations to help cover Clyde’s medical costs. Click here if you’re able to help or would like more information about Hart of Cincinnati Animal Rescue.