Aviation Security Service of New Zealand/AP
March 17, 2017 01:01 PM

A dog on the loose near the tarmac at New Zealand’s Auckland Airport was shot and killed by police, Reuters reports, after causing delays.

The canine, a 10-month-old bearded collie and German shorthaired pointer mix named Grizz, was on the run for hours, delaying 16 domestic and international flights for safety reasons.

“Unfortunately an Aviation Security dog was shot this morn @AKL_Airport staff had tried for 3 hours to catch it our thoughts are with handler,” reads a message posted on Thursday on Auckland Airport’s official Twitter account.

There were earlier Twitter updates about the problems caused by the dog. “Unfortunately still delays @AKL_Airport due to dog on our airfield updates to follow,” said one.

“Update dog that was on the airfield at AKL_Airport has now been caught,” said another.

Lisa Mulitalo, a spokeswoman for Auckland Airport, explained to Reuters what happened at the airport.

“The dog was clearly distressed and wouldn’t let anyone near it so the decision was made to shoot the dog,” she said.

Mike Richards, a spokesman for New Zealand’s Aviation Security Service, told Reuters Grizz had been in training to detect explosives.

“Of course it was dark for most of the time it was on the run, they tried everything they could, but just couldn’t lure the dog back, I think it was just freaked out,” he said.

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