August 25, 2017 12:18 AM

A good resumé is the key to finding a job and, apparently, a foster home as well — at least that’s the case for a 4 ½-year-old dog from Rwanda named Mowgli.

The part German Shepherd, part Rwandan street dog got a little help finding her forever home courtesy of the boyfriend of a girl who is friends with the person fostering the dog.

“[M]y boyfriend (master of dog puns) helped my best friend put together a resume for her dog for her temporary foster family and it’s so good,” Megan Frantz tweeted, alongside screenshots of the resumé.

Some of Mowgli’s qualifications include “loyalty, goofiness, loving companionship, incredible ability to zoom, and stunning good looks.”

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She used to be a “beach babe” in Santa Barbara, California, helping her previous owner run and hike, and also served as a “provider of moral support,” which included “bravely flying in a private plane.”

For those who aren’t as fit as Mowgli, she can also work as a “professional couch potato” while having already proven herself to have “a complete dedication to snoozing.”

Mowgli can also give hugs upside down and has traveled internationally, but has a weakness for cats and “loving you too much.”

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