Patsy the shepherd mix is rightfully being hailed as a hero In Victoria, Australia

By Kelli Bender
January 10, 2020 01:57 PM

You’re looking at a little hero!

According to NBC News, Patsy the shepherd mix almost walked through fire to save a group of more than 220 sheep.

The black-and-white pooch joined her owner, Stephen Hill, on an early morning trip to the farm of Hill’s cousin. Around 4:15 a.m. on Dec. 31, Hill noticed a wall of fire was burning towards his cousin’s farm and the town of Corryong in Victoria, Australia, and rushed over, with Patsy following close behind, to see if he could help his family protect their home, land and animals.

This blaze Hill saw is just one of many wildfires burning throughout Australia, decimating millions acres of land and killing an estimated 1 billion animals.

Thanks to Patsy, hundreds of sheep on the farm didn’t suffer a similar fate. The dog herded over 220 animals into a barn that was a safe distance away from the fires raging near the property. Only six sheep didn’t make it into the barn.

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“If you haven’t got a good dog, you can’t do so much with the sheep,” Hill told NBC News.

Courtesy Cath Hill

Cath Hill, Stephen’s sister, helped spread 6-year-old Patsy’s story, reports Metro, because “people need something positive.”

She also assisted in creating an Instagram (@patsythecorryongwonderdog) for the dog, which includes a video of the dog sitting on the ground, surrounded by sheep, smoke and flames.

“Hey Patsy, can you hear those sheep?” Cath asks in the clip. “That’s all your work, well done. You little champion, good girl.”

Stephen feels “really lucky” to have a fearless, good dog like Patsy, since he knows farmers who have lost hundreds of animals.

Courtesy Cath Hill

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“It has made me emotional,” he told NBC News.

Knowing that the same fires that threatened their farm continue to burn and that there are plenty of Australians deeply affected by the fires, the Hills are asking animal lovers to consider donating to Wildlife Victoria, Blaze Aid, and a GoFundMe started to help rebuild a part of Victoria destroyed by the Australian wildfires.