Hero Dog Saves Blind Owner Who Fell in Frigid Brook By Leading Rescuers to Maine Man

Samantha the yellow Lab kept barking until officers followed her to the brook where her owner fell in

hero dog
Photo: York County Sheriff's Office

An elderly man in Limington, Maine, has his trusty dog to thank for saving his life after he fell into a frigid brook.

According to local TV station WCSH, an 84-year-old legally blind man slipped and fell into a brook while trying to put his yellow Labrador, Samantha, in a dog run.

Shortly thereafter, a woman heard the man yelling in the woods behind her house and alerted the York County Sheriff's Office.

Upon arrival at the scene, the officers found Samantha, who would not stop barking until one of the officers followed her to the brook.

Officers told the station that Samantha led them to the brook where her owner had been yelling for help to get out.

The blind man was unable to make his way out of the brook and was getting hypothermia. According to officials, the man's body temperature had dropped to about 84 degrees.

Once the officers found the man, they were able to successfully rescue him from the brook.

Samantha isn't the only hero dog as of lately.

Over the summer, 88-year-old Gwendola Johnson was saved by her dog Sandy after she fell to the ground outside her home.

"I didn't really hurt myself, but I couldn't get up," Johnson told NBC Los Angeles.

As Johnson laid on the floor, she was able to spot a man, Kirk White of Glendale Integrated Waste Management, walking up her driveway pulling in her trash cans – and that's when Sandy came to the rescue.

"When I saw him, I said to Sandy, 'You go get him,' so he did," Johnson said.

Security footage from Johnson's home showed that Sandy quickly rushed towards White and began barking at him, indicating to White that something was wrong.

"The way he was barking, like, 'I have something to show you — come follow me this way, there's something I want you to see,' " White told NBC Los Angeles.

Sandy then led White right back to Johnson. White helped her up and made sure that she was not injured.

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