October 12, 2016 05:27 PM

When a leashed dog wandered out of a hotel elevator with its owner still inside it, disaster seemed imminent.

The general manager of the Greenville, South Carolina’s Rodeway Inn, Ben Duke, recently noticed a small dog outside of the hotel’s elevator as its doors were closing, with the other end of the pup’s leash still on the inside of the elevator in its owner’s hand. As the elevator began to ascend and the dog was dragged towards it, Duke had to act fast – and he did. As shown in 30 seconds of incredible surveillance footage, which he posted to his Facebook and YouTube page, Duke was able to free the dog, named Boo Boo, from its leash and prevent strangulation.

“Dog wandered off elevator. I happened to walk out at the right time and save the dogs life,” he captioned the video.

In an interview with WAPT.com, Duke said that the dog was terrified during those few critical seconds, even fighting back against him.

“In fact, he scratched me pretty good on my face. I don’t blame him – it was pretty scary,” he said.


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