Brian the dog has a dirty habit he just can't seem to quit

Hide your socks! Hide your undies! The dogs are out and they are hungry.

Shortly after news of a Great Dane devouring 44 socks shocked the pet world, here comes another pooch with an unusual diet. Brian the fluffy Samoyed was recently rushed to the hospital after eating too many of his owner’s thongs, reports the BBC.

Kaye Banks of Rotherham, England, took her 4-year-old canine to Abbey Vets for his emergency surgery. It took two hours for the doctor to safely remove the unmentionables. Brian was kept at the vet for four days after the operation to heal.

One might think this experience would teach the dog a lesson, but Brian quickly returned to his old tricks. Just hours after arriving home from the vet, the Samoyed gobbled down another pair of underwear from the wash basket. Brian was rushed back to the animal hospital where doctors were able to get the panty-loving pup to throw up his most recent snack.

“We just couldn’t believe that after an operation and four days at the vet he comes home and does it again,” Banks told BBC. “From now on, all underwear is put straight into the washing machine. He’s a lovely dog but he’s into everything.”

Brian, who is back in good health, better stick to kibble from here on out.

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