Dog Reunites with Long Lost Brother After Picking Him Out from the Crowd at Dog Park

Labradoodle Louie reportedly stopped dead in his track when he saw the dog that turned out to be his brother

A dog was able to sniff out his own brother and has the pic to prove it.

According to Twitter user @itswalela their family’s Labradoodle Louie, who is from a breeder, recently went to a dog park and stopped “dead in his tracks” in front of another dog.

The pet parents of both pooches started talking, and, as @itwalela explains, it “turns out they are from the same breeder, have the same parents, meaning THEY ARE BROTHERS & RECOGNIZED EACH OTHER.”

It’s amazing that, after a long separation and a big growth spurt, these canines were still able to sense they had a special connection.

Responses to the Twitter post, which now has over 118,000 retweets, have been mostly positive, with many sharing @itswalela’s ecstatic shock.

It also appears Louie isn’t the first dog to find his family by chance. Several other Twitter users shared stories similar to Louie’s in response to the viral tweet.

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While Louie belongs to @itswalela’s parents, they too are a proud pet parent, caring for several rescue animals with their partner.

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