Bayonne Fire Department
October 05, 2018 04:44 PM

An innocent adventure for an 11-year-old puggle almost turned into a fatal mistake.

According to CBS New York, Rosco went missing from his home in Bayonne, New Jersey, while his owner was being moved to a medical rehab facility to recover from a fall.

Jeff and Drew Adelung, the owner’s sons, were devastated when they went back to their father’s home to pick up Rosco and found that the dog had managed to escape. They were especially concerned about breaking the news to their father, who sees Rosco as his best friend.

Thankfully, the Adelungs never needed to have that conversation.

Several days after posting fliers and searching the streets for Rosco, the sons got the call they had been waiting for: the puggle had been found, though in a rather shocking place.

Bayonne Fire Department

Rosco somehow managed to fall into an 8-ft.-deep water pit at SUEZ water treatment plant. Employees at the plant heard barking coming from an unused part of the facility where the pit is located. Worried that a canine was in trouble, the workers call the Bayonne Fire Department for help.

Bayonne Fire Department

Firefighters tracked the barking to the pit and lowered someone inside to find Rosco desperately clinging to a pipe to keep himself from falling into the water and drowning.

Bayonne Fire Department

It is unknown how Rosco found his way into this scary situation, or for how long he was there before he was found, but now he is safe, dry and with family once more.


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