Khaleesi the dog was pulled from the pipe unharmed after rescuers worked to save her for two days

By Kelli Bender
November 19, 2018 04:07 PM

Khaleesi may be known as the Mother of Dragons on Game of Thrones, but in Secaucus, New Jersey, she is the hunter of rabbits.

According to ABC7, Kristie Ann Ramos’ Dachshund, named Khaleesi, is a highly trained hunting dog, but no amount of training could prepare the canine for what she just endured.

On Saturday, Khaleesi and Ramos were outside tracking animals, when the dog got a whiff of a rabbit and started running. The chase led Khaleesi through a 6-in. diameter drain pipe.

Khaleesi wriggled into the opening, but wasn’t able to squirm her way out. Ramos believes it was the dog’s bulkier collar that had a transmitter attached to it that prevented her from escaping.

Unable to figure out a way to rescue the dog herself, Ramos called the Secaucus Fire Department for help, convincing the crew that her canine was caught by lowering her phone into the pipe and capturing video footage of the animal wedged inside, reports CBS2.

The fire department sent members and volunteers to assist with the animal rescue. The crew worked through Saturday evening to free the dog, but eventually had to pause the operation and resume work on Sunday morning.

It ended up taking 20 hours of labor, the Jaws of Life and a carefully placed tunnel to free Khaleesi. Rescuers broke the pipe open with the Jaws of Life and then dug a tunnel to the spot where the dog was stuck so they could cut that section of pipe away and pull the pooch out.

“Those men are incredible … I was so grateful that’s she’s not hurt … she’s been in there nearly 24 hours,” Ramos told CBS2 shortly after the dog was placed in her arms.

Khalessi, who — aside from a little whimpering — kept a brave face throughout the ordeal, has no injuries from her time in the pipe, reports