Great Plains SPCA
Amy Jamieson
May 12, 2017 01:00 PM

Deputy has gone from forgotten to forever.

A dog named Deputy recently found a home after being saved from what his rescuer described as a “cinderblock prison,” a 12-in. by 12-in. brick he was tied to near a muddy lake bed in Kansas.

Tonya Hampton, the animal control officer who helped rescue the pooch on April 28, had to slowly gain the dog’s trust before she could get him released from his chain and back to the Great Plains SPCA in Merriam.

“Deputy was scared at first and hesitant to trust us,” she told PEOPLE after his rescue, “so it was difficult to get him freed from his cinderblock prison.”

Great Plains SPCA

To gain his trust, Hampton turned to a dog’s best motivator: food. “When I arrived, I was able to gain his trust by offering treats and was able to free him from the cinderblock and he walked into a kennel without hesitation,” she said. “Once at the shelter he was still a little reserved, however, after a few minutes he [lit] up as if he knew he was safe. We gave him a bath since he was so very muddy, and he seemed to appreciate our efforts.”

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Hampton chose Deputy’s new owner, Kansas City resident John Piburn, who came to visit the dog several times and brought his other pooch along on one of the trips, The Kansas City Star reports.

“I’m a big dog person, and I just can’t believe someone would treat a dog that way. I just thought I needed to get him,” he told the Star. “I fell right in love with him. He’s just a sweetie. A great dog.”

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