Sweet Senior Dog Rescued from Cruel Life Behind Bars at Animal Testing Lab

Libby is a totally different dog than the one rescued from Professional Laboratory and Research Services Inc seven years ago

Aside from a crude tattoo, Libby’s scars are largely invisible: a fear of loud noises and a hesitancy towards being put on a leash.

But when the pup was rescued by Jessica seven years ago, Libby’s cruel past was written all over her body. The dog was emaciated, had a mouth full of rotting teeth and a body riddled with hookworms and tapeworms. Before coming to Jessica, Libby lived at Professional Laboratory and Research Services Inc. in North Carolina.

PLRS is a contract-testing laboratory that was shut down after PETA released a video showing lab workers abusing animals and covering them in toxic chemicals.

There, Libby was only known as specimen 534120 – the number still tattooed on her ear. Now, she is a beloved best friend to Jessica, who showers the canine with affection, long walks, plush beds, good food and patience.

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While Libby, short for “liberation,” loves playing tug-of-war with her dog siblings these days, when she first arrived at Jessica’s door after being released, the pup was too scared to stand, let alone accept her new owner’s love and kindness.

Jessica’s patience and empathy eventually won over the timid pooch, who is a totally different dog than the ghost of the pet she was seven years ago.

PETA hopes Libby’s bleak history and bright future encourage humans to support products that are cruelty-free, to help put an end to animal testing.

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