Amy Jamieson
January 13, 2017 10:15 AM

It was a snack attack with serious consequences.

A cat in danger of living the rest of its life with a pizza-flavored bag over its head — or much worse, suffering death by suffocation — was rescued by a very unlikely superhero: a dog.

The scene began in the back of pick-up truck that’s in need of a Pimp My Ride consultation (seriously, a trash compactor would fit really well right THERE).

The feline, who was apparently digging through the mess of trash in the truck’s bed, likely sniffed inside the “pizza rolls” bag and got its head stuck inside.

For what feels like an eternity in the clip above, the kitty struggles to find its footing with the bag covering its eyes. When it attempts to jump from the stationary truck, you feel the same sense of dread that comes with receiving someone else’s pizza order.

Thankfully, before cheese hits the fan, a helpful hound swoops into view, pulls the bag off with his teeth and runs away with it (placing it in the nearest trash receptacle, we assume).

This hero deserves a hero (sandwich).

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