Police need the public’s help finding who’s responsible

By Ami Jamieson
Updated March 04, 2016 08:52 PM

His esophagus was torn, his jugular vein exposed, there was rampant infection and necrotic tissue all the way around Frank’s neck.

But beyond all of those painful details, there was that adorable tail wag.

“When Frank came out just wagging his tail with this horrible wound and he just wanted to love us it made the decision easy that he needed to be saved,” Dr. Melissa Boemanns of Kay Animal Hospital told WSBTV News, who first reported the story.

Police in Douglasville, Georgia, are looking for the person who left the dog on a tether that nearly decapitated him. Officials told the news station that it was one of the worst cases they’ve seen, and they need the public’s help finding who’s responsible.

It’s not clear how Frank broke free from his tether but he was picked up Monday by Douglas County Animal Control and underwent emergency surgery at the animal hospital. He needs round-the-clock care, the report said.

It doesn’t take long for a tether to do this much damage to a pet. “Frank is a drastic case but the tethering — it can do this to any other animal in just a day or two,” said Stacey Worsham from Douglas County Animal Services.

Worsham told WSBTV that choosing to save Frank — whose medical bills will cost thousands — was a tough decision. “Every bit of money we’re using to save Frank we’re taking away from someone else,” she said.

It is illegal to leave animals tethered and unattended in Douglas and surrounding counties, the news station said. Frank’s case is a sad example of why that is.

“If this story educates even one person on the dangers of tethering animals, and prevents this from happening to another dog, then it’s all been worth it,” the hospital’s practice manager Shannon Vest told PEOPLE in an email. “He’s a fantastic little dude and we have all fallen in love with him!”

To donate to Frank’s care, call Kay Animal Hospital at 770-949-7030 or visit their website.