WATCH: Dog Proves He Truly Is Man's Best Friend by Pushing Paralyzed Owner's Wheelchair

Digong the dog helps his paralyzed owner navigate city streets by pushing the man's wheelchair with his nose

Pet parents often ask: “Who rescued who?” It’s a sweet comment on how the animals we adopt into our loving homes often show us even more healing love in return.

The above video is an example of just how powerful that care can be. According to Metro, Danilo Alarcon, 46, of Davao, Philippines, gets around the city streets with help from his dog Digong.

The 7-month-old canine, whom Alarcon has cared for since puppyhood, assists his paralyzed owner by pushing the man’s wheelchair with his nose.

One of Alarcon’s walks with Digong was captured on camera by passerby Faith Revilla.

“I mean, I thought it only happens in TV shows, but this was a very real scene,” she said to Metro about the heartwarming moment.

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After filming the pair and speaking with Alarcon, who has been paralyzed since a motorcycle accident several years ago, Revilla posted her clip of the man and his best friend on social media, where it quickly amassed “aww”s.

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