The dog's owners, who work at the store next to the pizza place, have put a tag on the dog that asks animal lovers not to feed him pizza

By Kelli Bender
November 14, 2018 03:51 PM

Dogs out there are learning to hustle.

Not long after a pet pooch was called out on Facebook by its owner for pretending to be a stray in order to get free food from McDonald’s drive-thru customers, another pleading pup is trying to pull the same trick.

BuzzFeed has discovered a dog in Mexico City that sits outside a Little Caesars and stares at the customers inside with big puppy-dog eyes until the easy marks cave and come out to give him some of their pizza.

The only issue is that “El Jefe,” as the Little Caesars employees reportedly call him, is not a stray in need of food, he is just the pizza-loving dog who belongs to the shop owners next door.

The canine’s pizza consumption has gotten to the point that his owners have put a tag on the dog’s collar that reads “NO ME DES PIZZA” which translates from Spanish to “Do Not Give Me Pizza” in English.

From one pizza lover to another, I respect your game, El Jefe.